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My calling in The Kingdom of GOD.

I was attending a live Facebook session held by Kris Kildosher (From Bethel, Redding) a few years ago, and he spoke a prophetic word about me.. He said "You are an Activator" - This is the only prophetic word I have ever got. I do believe this word, and am working, praying and declaring for this to manifest in a bigger way. I have seen healing been done through my hands, and online through video chat.  I am first of all A born Again  Christian, and because of this fact; I am a healer (The Holy Ghost uses me to heal in Jesus name.) Not as much as I would like, but that will increase for us all.. I do believe I am supposed to be a Spiritual Activator of the saints. To activate the gifts of the Spirit that God wants us to have, and work in. That is why I started my Livestream on Youtube called "The Holy Ghost Hangout"  

Watch them here: "The Holy Ghost Hangout with Brother Tressy"

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